What is Creepz Genesis NFT?

  • 2023 Nov 04

Creepz Genesis is a collaborative project crafted by a group of content creators, digital artists, and NFT enthusiasts known as the Cold Blooded Creepz. Having introduced more than four official NFT collections, Cold Blooded Creepz has emerged as one of the most accomplished NFT launches in the preceding year.

Creеpz Genesis unfolds within a captivating “lore,” where an advanced mutant lizard civilization, under the leadership of the formidable Overlord, hatches a grand scheme to conquer the entire planet Earth. Their plan revolves around amassing an army of formidable lizard Creepz. To partake in this adventure, participants are required to accumulate a substantial number of $Loomi coins, the in-game currency integral to its play-to-earn strategy. This article delves into the fundamental aspects of Creеpz Genesis and provides guidance on how to acquire Creеpz Genesis by initiating the purchase of ETH as the foundational token on the MEXC Exchange.

The Creators of Crеepz Genesis

The Cold Blooded Creepz collective, also known as CBC, is made up of a team of ten individuals. The team members have opted for pseudonyms to preserve their anonymity, which makes it challenging to find detailed information about the individuals behind the project. Two founders, operating under the aliases “Dom3xyz” and “Sharkbait,” are actively engaged in blockchain ventures. In parallel, “Psychrome” takes charge of the design and aesthetic aspects of the NFT collection.

Creepz Genesis Features

As the inaugural release within the expansive Cold Blooded Creepz ecosystem, Creepz Genesis NFT characters boast a rich tapestry of over 800 unique traits. Among these, 11,111 characters have ventured into the metaverse, where they provide their owners with the opportunity to accrue 1,500 $Loomi on a daily basis.

$Loomi coins play an integral role in the CBC token structure, offering players a strategic advantage as they navigate the ecosystem. These coins can be harnessed for future drops, character upgrades, and the release of promising new characters. In a highly competitive gaming environment, $Loomi coins emerge as a precious asset, essential for survival.

Moreover, this token functions as the key to unlocking live and virtual experiences, including exclusive parties and merchandise, adding an extra layer of engagement and excitement to the Creepz Genesis universe.