What is Connex (CONX)?

  • 2023 Nov 02

Connex is the latest addition to the Web3 professional community. Its mission is to establish an unrestricted, inclusive, and cooperative Web3 professional network.

We’re entering a new era in the digital world, one marked by unprecedented innovation. In this age of transformation, Connex is pioneering the convergence of job seeking and hiring within the Web3 realm. In essence, Connex stands as a Web3 professional community tailored for job seekers and employers. But why is Connex a necessity? Let’s delve into the answer.

Web3 provides young talents with a unique opportunity to quickly ascend to expertise in this rapidly evolving landscape. Regardless of their current professional status, there’s no longer a need to toil for decades climbing the corporate ladder to make a substantial impact. What’s more, some of the world’s most brilliant minds are transitioning from FANG companies to embrace roles within crypto companies and DAOs.

Yet, the absence of a decentralized Web3 job marketplace poses a significant hurdle to this transition. By offering token incentives, Connex inspires talented individuals to upload their CVs, and the platform can integrate on-chain credentials with these CVs. This fusion of on-chain and off-chain personal credentials renders the platform attractive to a diverse array of entities, including Crypto Companies, social DAOs, protocol DAOs, NFT-exclusive DAOs, investment DAOs, and more. This integrated credential system empowers individuals to construct their own Web3 professional communities.

How is the CONX Token utilized?

Connex is on a mission to create an open, collaborative, and permissionless Web3 professional network. At the core of this ecosystem lies the CONX token, which fulfills several pivotal roles. It operates as the governance token, encourages user engagement, and serves as the primary medium of exchange within the Connex environment.

Here are the diverse applications for CONX:

1. Subscription Payments: CONX serves as the payment method for subscribing to companies or SMEs on the platform, facilitating talent recruitment and hiring. Subscribers gain access to view and endorse CVs uploaded by Connex users.

2. Credential Access: CONX acts as the gateway for accessing users’ personal on-chain and off-chain credentials. Companies and SMEs can efficiently identify potential candidates by utilizing the platform’s on-chain and off-chain attributes.

3. Circle Participation: Users must use CONX to join professional circles, where members can share their valuable insights on circle topics. Users contributing to these circles are rewarded with CONX tokens, with the exact amount determined by token holders through voting and governance.

4. Enhanced Exposure: CONX is employed to boost the visibility of a company or individual. Companies and SMEs can utilize their platform subscriptions for marketing and branding purposes. This includes increasing their visibility to users and sharing details about their organizations, such as products, services, vision, mission, job listings, and reasons for joining their entities.

5. Governance: CONX acts as the voting and governance token within the Connex DAO. This involves voting on various platform-related matters, including user fees, subscription costs for creating and joining circles, token utilization within the Community Treasury, and evaluating job or CV accuracy.